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The Board of Mid Cheshire Mind is made up of a group of Trustees. Their main role is to ensure that Mid Cheshire MIND has a clear purpose and direction for its work and pursues that purpose effectively. The Board makes sure that Mid Cheshire Mind is in touch with current mental health issues, consults with users about their experiences and is clear about its response to issues of concern.

  • Trustees act as a single body.
  • Trustees ensure the organisation has a clear strategy or set of goals.
  • Trustees ensure the work and goals of the organisation are in line with its stated vision, usually defined in a governing document and often called the organisation’s ‘objects’.
  • Trustees keep a check on the organisation’s finances and activities.
  • Trustees appoint and support the head of staff (i.e.  the operations manager of the charity).
  • Trustees delegate authority for day to day activities to appropriate staff and/or volunteers.
  • Trustees take overall legal responsibility for the organisation’s work.
  • Trustees must act in the interests of the organisation not themselves.
  • Trustees are volunteers and are not paid.

We are always seeking trustees with an interest or life experience in mental health issues and with skills and experience in any of the following areas:
finance, business planning, governance, marketing/PR, lobbying and campaigning and legal expertise, but please do get in touch even if your skills fall outside these areas.